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Youth Energy

MPPACT was formed by a group of pragmatic secondary students in the fall ofGirl Singer Records Vocals 2015. The youth musicians meet after school numerous times a week to rehearse, jam, explore, create, record, and produce their own music, whether it be a cool cover or blossoming original tune. In the MPPACT music space, any interested student has access to a vast array of instruments and instruction. No one is discouraged from trying something new and all music styles and genres are accepted. The only requirement as that a positive atmosphere of trust and collaboration is supported. We have a lot of fun too! The group is open to any middle/high school aged person regardless if they attend Lopez Island School or not.

Big Impact

Since it's creation, MPPACT  has performed at numerous events for the school, in the community, and abroad. In previous years, the teen band has loaded up Students Rehearse on Drums and Bassthe van and headed out to play events such as the Puget Sound Music for Youth Spring Music Festival in Tacoma. Singers make the annual trip to the Solo & Ensemble event in Bellingham to show the judges what they got. MPPACT also makes frequent appearances throughout the year at local events, usually contributing their talent to fundraisers for the Children’s Center, KLOI Radio Station, and the LIFE Garden Program. Many performances are usually held at the Lopez Island Community Center including Lopez School’s Winter Art’s Night.


Student Driven

The Music Production and Performance Artist Collective for Teens is a student-Man Smiling, waving finger, and holding guitardriven group and is led by Jesse Orion Hammond. If you are interested in joining, booking, or donating to MPPACT, please contact him at: [email protected], (360)468-2239
“I believe that the best way for students to thrive creatively is to be given a space, a little bit of structure, and a lot of positive energy; that’s when the magic happens and we all start to have fun”
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