School Counseling

LISD Comprehensive School Counseling

School Counselor Jeanna Carter was recognized in 2009 by the Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction's office for her "inspirational" work developing a comprehensive, sustainable school counseling program–a model for other rural schools.

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School Counseling for All Students K-12

Jeanna begins building connected, caring relationships with elementary students during her counseling lessons. By middle and high school, those bonds strengthen. She helps students and their families deal with social and emotional challenges, provides individual and small-group school counseling and helps students develop social skills–all key components of the school's focus on wellness and the whole child.

The School Counseling Department helps students set goals, meet state and district requirements and make graduation plans. Providing resources for postsecondary decision making, helping with college applications and assisting with scholarships are other areas of support.

Jeanna works directly with students, their families and outside agencies when mental health and substance abuse problems arise and helps create a supportive culture for recovery.

Unique to Lopez: Student Concerns

While Lopez students face many of the problems found everywhere, our size allows us to be responsive, to deal with problems while they are still small, and to intervene early.

To help achieve these goals, a student concerns team meets regularly to identify K-12 students who are at risk, marshal supportive resources and develop ways to help students regain a strong footing. The school principals, K-12 Counselor, and K-12  Special Services Teachers all members of the team, are devoted to helping every child find success.

From kindergarten on, our students are known by name and honored as individuals. As they move through their middle and high school years, they experience Lopez School as an extension of their island home: a community of caring adults deeply committed to their well-being.

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