Title I/ LAP

Title I and LAP (Learning Assistance Program)

The Learning Assistance Program and Title I, Part A are sister programs designed to provide additional learning supports to students in need.

Title I Part A

Title I, Part A is a federal program designed “To provide all children significant opportunity to receive a fair, equitable, and high -quality education, and to close educational achievement gaps.”

Title I, Part A can support early learning and Kindergarten to grade 12.

Title I, Part A programs and services provide customized instruction and curricula that helps these students meet academic standards and take an active, engaged interest in what they learn and can do.

Annual Notifications

Parent Guide: What Is Title I?


Parent Rights

Title I Parent Guides (in additional languages)

Parent and Family Engagement

Parent and Family Engagement (PFE) in a child’s education is a greater predictor of academic success than socioeconomic status.

Why Parent and Family Engagement?

Research tells us that students with engaged parents and families are more likely to:

Learn to read faster (Exhibit faster rates of literacy acquisition.)
Have higher grades and test scores.
Are promoted and take more challenging classes.
Adapt better to school and have better attendance.
Have better social skills and behavior.

10 Best Practices for Strong Families

School-wide Title I school

Lopez is designated as a school-wide program, which takes the form of a comprehensive reform strategy designed to improve all educational programming in a school. The primary goal is to ensure that all students, particularly those who are low-achieving, meet and exceed the learning goals defined by state academic standards.

Learning Assistance Program

LAP offers supplemental services for K–12 students scoring below grade-level standard in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics. These services focus on accelerating student growth to make progress towards grade level. They may include academic readiness, skill development, or behavior supports. These services address barriers preventing students from accessing core instruction. The intent is for LAP students to increase academic growth during the period of time they are provided services. LAP emphasizes research-based best practices designed to increase student achievement.

Parent Complaint Process

File a Citizen’s Complaint:

OSPI has a written formal complaint process for resolving issues of violation of a Title I Federal regulation. If you have a concern with Title I services and/or regulations we encourage you to contact your child’s Title I teaching team, your school’s principal and/or the district’s Title I office (360-676-6542). You can also access the Citizen’s Complaint Process through the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) in Olympia.  The link below has all of the information for filing a complaint through OSPI.



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