Community Support

Truly a Community School

Islanders have a strong sense of ownership and pride in Lopez School and give us tremendous generosity and support. We regularly call upon the expertise and rich resources of this well-educated, well-traveled community to volunteer in the classroom, offer one-day classes, lead field experiences, chaperone overseas trips and serve as curriculum resources. Individuals, merchants, organizations and service clubs routinely support us with in-kind donations, classroom help, project assistance and passage of our bonds and levies.

“A school like no other.”  

We are distinguished by the high level of financial support we receive from the private sector. When school superintendent Bill Evans says this is a public school “like no other,” he means it. Three local nonprofits were created specifically to support award-winning school programs that would otherwise go unfunded. Island families also partner with the school to imagine and create innovative programs, creating a model of private support they hope will inspire others.

Lopez Island Education Foundation 

This nonprofit Lopez island Education Foundation enables the community to make donations to enrich specific school programs. Not part of the regular school fund, these gifts support the school’s award-winning L.I.F.E. Garden Program, the school’s new Vita Parcours Eco-Exercise Trail, upgrade of this web site in 2009 and the popular Evening Meals at School community dinners. All have become extraordinarily popular programs, building school-community connection and vibrant health for students, family and the community.

Lopez Island Foreign Exchange Foundation

This foundation provides supplemental funding for our student travel programs. Because of this sponsorship, overseas studies are available to all qualifying Lopez students, regardless of financial need. 

Lopez School Music Advocacy Foundation 

A private foundation, LiveMusicOnLopez brings jazz and blues greats on campus to jam with students, teach, mentor and perform. In just two years, LiveMusicOnLopez has provided numerous concerts for our youngsters. 

Gratitude for Our Many Community Partners

In addition to the extraordinary support we receive from foundations and individuals, we thank the many service organizations, merchants and private businesses that support us. Our sincere thanks to all.  We couldn’t do it without you! 

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