Lopez Island School District Faculty / Staff

Lisa Shelby K-12 Principal/ Special Services Director

Lisa Shelby joins Lopez Island School District in fall 2011.  Her experience as a school administrator and instructional coach in a small community school, along with her varied leadership experiences in public, private, community and outdoor educational settings, make her uniquely skilled for role of K-12 Principal/Head of School for the Lopez Island School District.

Lisa has proven experience in growing enrollment, implementing a stronger, ‘one school/k-12’ culture, creating stronger ties within a small involved community and providing effective leadership and instructional coaching for continued growth of academic programs.

The challenges and opportunities that next year will provide are appealing to Mrs. Shelby as she “enjoys unique experiences that allow me to grow professionally and afford me the responsibility and joy of leading the delivery of quality, unique education.”  She looks forward to contributing to the Lopez Island School District’s vision and commitment to creative, innovative and experiential opportunities for students.

“I am excited about being a part of the Lopez Island community and look forward to meeting and getting to know well all the amazing staff, families, and kids.  Please feel free to come visit and share ideas to help us continue the great education established at Lopez, and discover new ways to grow.”