Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

The Lopez School Parent/Guardian Group supports student learning and well-being through specific support for students, parents/guardians, teachers, staff and volunteers. Our goal is to foster safe and open communication and build relationships amongst parents/guardians and between the school, parents/guardians, and the community.

El Padre López Escuela / Grupo Guardián apoya el aprendizaje de los estudiantes y bienestar a través de un apoyo específico para los estudiantes, los padres / tutores, maestros, personal y voluntarios. Nuestro objetivo es fomentar la comunicación segura y abierta y construir relaciones entre los padres / tutores y entre la escuela, los padres / tutores y la comunidad.

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Lopez School Renovation Project News

In this Holiday season, Lopez School District wishes once again to share its gratitude for the community’s generous support of the school with the passage of the School Renovation Bond.  We have a lot of exciting work ahead. In service to that effort, this will be the first of an ongoing series of community communications providing project updates as well as opportunities for community involvement.

Two items for immediate attention are the formation of the project design advisory team, and a call for project manager applicants.

The project design advisory team is an integral part of the design process and brings together students, faculty, school staff, and community members to advise the district and project professionals on the overall renovation effort.    The team will be similar in composition and operation to the successful budget advisory committee which worked with the school this past spring.   Three to five community member positions need to be filled.

The District invites individuals to visit the school website for further information on the work and on how to submit your interest in possibly serving.  Submissions are due December 22.    The group begins its work in mid-January for an approximate one year period.  Team members will need to available throughout that time period and have flexible schedules allowing them to participate in a number of day-long workshops.   Details on the role of the team members, schedule and time commitments are posted on the school website.    

The second critical role needing to be filled at this time is the Project Manager, or Owner’s Representative.   This position is critical to managing such a large and complex program.  The role is also required by the State of Washington to meet State construction requirements and for the project to be eligible for any state matching funds that may become available.  Posted on the school website is a detailed “Request for Qualifications.”  Interested parties are welcomed to review that request.  Applications are due at the school district office by January 9, 2014 at 5 pm.

In other project news, the overall schedule has been set.  As mentioned above, the programming and design process will begin this January.  Facility items needing immediate attention (likely including the septic system) will be worked on this upcoming summer.   Design, construction documents, permitting, bidding, and construction startup will continue through the beginning of 2016.  Major renovation construction will begin June 2016, continue in phases throughout the following school year, and will be fully completed in August 2017. Renovating an operating school requires a sophisticated ballet of project phasing, likely some temporary portable classrooms, and a longer construction period.

Again, the students, families, and staff of Lopez and Decatur Schools so greatly appreciate the community’s support.  This will be a lengthy and involved project, but the outcome will be a revitalized facility that can best support the ongoing education of our youth.  As always, you can contact Bill Evans, Superintendent, at 468-2202, about this project.

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